Monday, December 26, 2011

Scott Nicholson free kindle books

If you like to share with your friends, feel free to copy and paste in Twitter, facebook, and your favorite book forum: Scott Nicholson is giving away free Kindle books this week!

(UK Kindle owners, just replace "com" with "" and you go right to the correct page for Amazon UK)

Mystery Dance: three books-The Skull Ring, Disintegration, Crime Beat

Amazon UK:

Share today from my Facebook wall to be entered for signed copy of "Disintegration"

(UK only) horror thriller The Gorge by Scott Nicholson

story collection Head Cases by Scott Nicholson, bonus tales by Willie Meikle and John Everson

That should keep you reading a while! Please tell your Kindle friends and look for an EPIC kindle giveaway coming soon!


Bookhound78 said...

Santa must have decided to stay at your house after Christmas!


Author Scott Nicholson said...

yeah all these ebooks are taking up too much room in the closet, I need to get rid of some.

TLJeffcoat said...

That's hilarious. Guess I'll add a few more of your books to my TBR list. Thanks!

Author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks TL! 20 million new kindles floating out there...

gotjackorjim said...

Can't wait to read them - Thank you!

bluefrog said...

Thank you! I had most of these already, but it's always nice to get free books from an author you know you like.

Author Scott Nicholson said...

Got jack Or Jim, thanks!

Bluefrog, always happy to help you "hop" into new reading!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the free books over the last week!

I bought and liked a couple of your books last year and I'm really looking forward to these new ones.

Happy New Year!

Author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks Anon, i hope you are inspired to write reviews! Free books often means people grab them who didn't really want them, and they sometimes seek revenge via the dreaded one-star review!

Anonymous said...

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