Saturday, April 16, 2016

Radiophobia: Post-Apocalyptic Thriller now out!

The end is only the beginning...

Book #3 in the NEXT series is now live in all markets!


When mutants develop technology that threatens the dwindling human race, the last survivors fight to regain control of their world. 

Rachel Wheeler and her friends are dropped into the enemy stronghold of Wilkesboro as part of a desperate military operation. Their mission is to disrupt a new energy source that will give the mutants unlimited power. Even as the remnants of the central government plan nuclear strikes on all major mutant colonies, a mysterious new fallout threatens them all. 

Will the nuclear holocaust deliver a final victory to the human race, or will the survivors face their own extinction in a world overrun with monsters and strange new races? 

Next #3: Radiophobia    Amazon   Nook   Apple   Google  Kobo   Amazon UK

Look for Next #4: Directive 17, as well as the AFTER and ZAPHEADS post-apocalyptic thriller series. 

Also live, the final book in the Zapheads post-apocalyptic series!

The thrilling conclusion to the ZAPHEADS post-apocalyptic series. 
Five months after a doomsday solar event, Mackie Dailey has settled in with a group of survivors at a remote college campus. 

Mackie is haunted by his former life as a hired gun for ruthless drug lord Lucas Krider, but even the apocalypse offers no escape from the past. Krider has established his own camp and preys on Mackie’s addiction and rage. But their personal battle is buried in a larger war with the mutant Zapheads who threaten the extinction of the human race. Then a mysterious infant turns their world upside down. 

Can Mackie save his friends and help them build a better future, or will he destroy them all in his quest for revenge? 

Zapheads #3: Blood and Frost Kindle   Apple   Nook   Kobo   Kindle UK Google Play