Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Home for Halloween giveaway

 It's alive. THE HOME is now available in all ebook outlets at a temporary sale price of 99 cents.
Amazon UK
Barnes & Noble 

Experiments at a group home for troubled children lead to paranormal activity--and the ghosts are former residents of the home's past as an insane asylum. In development as a feature film.

To celebrate the launch of The Home, you can win your choice of a Kindle Fire, a Nook HD 8G, or a Kobo Glo. Other prizes include MP3-CD audiobooks of Liquid Fear and Chronic Fear, and signed copies of Chronic Fear, Monsters Inc., Drummer Boy, If I Were Your Monster, and Dirt. I'll also be randomly selecting Twitter RTs for a $20 gift card each week that use the #HomeForHalloween hashtag. If The Home hits the Top 100 on any of the ebook outlets during October, I'll give away a bonus device of the winner's choice.

If you don't use social media, you can enter by emailing Also look for the contest on some awesome book blogs this month, listed to the right. Contest ends Oct. 31 at midnight EST. Thanks and good luck!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

You can't go home again, but you can call your book "The Home"

After much deliberation and debate (mostly consisting of reading tea leaves and sacrificing a goat to the oracle of smart marketing), I've decided to release THE HOME under the title of ...tah dah, drumroll...THE HOME!

While that may seem like a no-brainer, there are several good reasons to go with my preferred title of "Troubled" (which is the title I used for the non-US ebook release, since I held all rights except US/Canada.) Now that all rights are reverting to me, I can call the shots. I didn't like the publisher's title because I felt it was rather uninspired, although many people say The Home sounds creepy and mysterious.

And of course, it's kind of a horror handle to put "The" in front of everything. The Fog, The Ward, The Orphanage, The House, The Asylum, The Mall, The Gas Station, etc. (If you read October Girls, you can see me having a bit of fun with this, with movies titled things like "The Bloodening.") Tip of the cap to Bentley Little, whose market my original publisher was obviously chasing.

The main reason to stick with The Home is to support the movie script being shopped by North of Seven Productions. So The Home it shall be until a better reason comes along. Already available for Nook, KoboSmashwords and Amazon UK, the U.S. Kindle release will be at the end of September.

Since you're special and rare, you get a free advance ebook copy if you like. You don;t even have to write a review, although I will follow up with an email with the link once the book is live, in case you feel so inspired. I don't expect to make this free anywhere else at any time, so it may be the best chance to grab it. To get your copy before the red carpet rolls out, bang an email to hauntedcomputer AT

Oh yeah, about the book...controversial experiments at a group home for troubled children stir up paranormal activity...and the ghosts are former residents of the home from its days as an insane asylum.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Skull Ring limited editions for collectors

In this digital age, it is easy to adore instant gratification. That's why Twitter and Facebook exist. But there's also something to admire about the slow way, the persistent path of hard work with a goal in mind. Zach Powell of King's Way Press is someone to admire. Zach took over some publishing projects from the ill-fated Full Moon Press and carried them to the finish line. Among those projects are The Skull Ring, a creamy-looking limited edition hardcover of my suspense thriller.

With art by the esteemed Alan M. Clark, much like my writing career was before the cataclysmic changes of the digital era. But digital is fleeting. These hardcover editions will last unto the fourth generation and beyond.

This is the first of my novels to get the royal treatment, in three different editions, all extremely limited and sure to soar in value when I do something spectacular one day like show up at a national political convention and rant at an empty chair.

Available in the minty fresh noble, regal, or royal editions, $30 and up. Don't go broke!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Audio horror: Speed Dating with the Dead now on Audible, iTunes, Amazon

As part of my secret capitalist plan for world domination so I can revel in eventual taoist surrender, I'm diving into the world of audio books. I am a big fan of audio books in the car, especially for longer trips or commutes, and the technology is making it easier than ever to get the work into a recording device. Right now three of my books are out in audio: Liquid Fear, Chronic Fear, and The Red Church.

Working with the immensely talented Daniel Dorse via Amazon's, we have just released a full-length production of Speed Dating with the Dead. Available for,, and iTunes. You can also listen to a free sample here: (Click "sample" beneath the book cover).

You can get Speed Dating for free if you open a new account. If you open an account to get my book, or the book is one of the first three you purchase through Audible, I will send you a signed trade paperback of Speed Dating with the Dead. Just email me at hauntedcomputer at if you do that.

Look for more audiobooks coming soon. Currently in production are Kiss Me or Die and Creative Spirit.