Monday, September 3, 2012

Audio horror: Speed Dating with the Dead now on Audible, iTunes, Amazon

As part of my secret capitalist plan for world domination so I can revel in eventual taoist surrender, I'm diving into the world of audio books. I am a big fan of audio books in the car, especially for longer trips or commutes, and the technology is making it easier than ever to get the work into a recording device. Right now three of my books are out in audio: Liquid Fear, Chronic Fear, and The Red Church.

Working with the immensely talented Daniel Dorse via Amazon's, we have just released a full-length production of Speed Dating with the Dead. Available for,, and iTunes. You can also listen to a free sample here: (Click "sample" beneath the book cover).

You can get Speed Dating for free if you open a new account. If you open an account to get my book, or the book is one of the first three you purchase through Audible, I will send you a signed trade paperback of Speed Dating with the Dead. Just email me at hauntedcomputer at if you do that.

Look for more audiobooks coming soon. Currently in production are Kiss Me or Die and Creative Spirit.

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