Monday, January 25, 2010

The First coming to e-publication

Since I'm working with Ghostwriter Publications to release my short fiction in the UK, I am collecting most of my stories for release as e-books. While "Scattered Ashes" and "Thank You for the Flowers" (under the updated title "Flowers") will go in lockstep with the print versions, I'm putting together THE FIRST as an original collection (though the stories have all been previously published.)

It contains sixteen stories and a couple of bonus essays and has three sections: Phantasmia, Hypnagogia, and Dystopia. This collects my dark fantasy, fantasy, and bleaker science fiction stories, including several from the Aeropagan cycle. The title is fitting because it's my first foray into original electronic publishing and I'm curious how it will do compared to the novel THE RED CHURCH and the existing story collections. Scattered Ashes is not quite formatted but I will probably roll it out in a week or two. I'm excited about the chance to reach new readers with these stories that sometimes didn't get much of an audience in their first incarnations, and the work in THE FIRST is a bit of a departure from my usual supernatural subjects, though there is a sprinkling of that in here as well. Thanks to Neil Jackson as Ghostwriter for the great cover.

I believe the expansion of the electronic book market will lead to a revival in short stories, as people find time to read shorter works due tot he convenience, and also be able to squeeze in a quick read in places they might not have had time to do before.

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