Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day of rest

Just got in the paper copies of Speed Dating with the Dead, so if you are into "real books," come to my web site and get your signed copy (cheaper than you can get it anywhere else). You can also order it through bookstores, libraries, Amazon, and Internet booksellers. In other words, pretty much any place, but you probably won't see it on store shelves. So ask for it by name. I don't think any other books use that title!

Also have the Dirt trade paperback graphic novel and the paper version of Forever Never Ends rolling through the pipeline, so save your pennies! Also, if you are into the self-pub thing, my recent installment is up at Blood Red Pencil.

Today's stop on the Kindle Giveaway Blog Tour is at so come by, say hello, and enter!


Monster A Go-Go said...

SPEED DATING in paperback? Ooooo! You KNOW I will be ordering one soon. Please SAVE me a copy! I can't get it now---but will SOON!

Cha-cha-cha, Daddy-O!

(Why is your own blog NOT part of the blog tour-a-go-go??? Argh! That is messing with my head, man!)


author Scott Nicholson said...

Monster, I will be finishing up HERE on Nov. 30! Assuming we all live that long...


Monster A Go-Go said...

"Assuming we all live that long..."

Getting to be a chore---pumping out 3 months of daily blogs??? Zowie! I don't envy you!~ Cheers!