Sunday, July 10, 2011

Listening to The Red Church

Currently proofing the audio files for The Red Church, which will be released through SpringBrookAudio as soon as I finish the proof. SpringBrookAudio is distributor, while Perfect Voices has an interesting co-op production model in which the author subsidizes some of the cost of the talent and then shares royalties on an escalating. The book is read by Aaron Tucker, who I hope will read more of my books.

Under the Perfect Voices model, there are four tiers--the more you pay upfront for the voice talent, the higher your royalty rate and the faster your payback period, assuming you connect with the audience. SpringBrook distributes the book through various sites like, and rights eventually return to the author. So it's a half-indie, progressive model in which the author has a lot of choice but also some investment.

It's odd to hear your own book being read, especially when the reading has dramatic quality. At times I forget I wrote it and get caught up in the story, and feel the movement instead of just intellectually analyzing it. The truth is, I often forget books after I write them and get startled when someone points out a line or phrase. I go "Huh, did I write that? Well, it's pretty cool. And it sort of sounds like something I would write."

Now time to write more. I am getting more interested in writing the third book in the series, ARCHER McFALL, which I have been thinking about for a year or so. Just a few chapters to go on the CHRONIC FEAR sequel before I decide what to write next.


Brenda said...

Wow! That sounds fun to get caught up in your own story. My time is so limited, I might have to grab several of your books on audio. I enjoy listening to books on the way to and from work. Also, thank you for sharing the details of how you're going about doing the audio versions.

author Scott Nicholson said...

I enjoy audiobooks, Brenda, but since I quit commuting I don't really have the stretches of time to sink into an audiobook lately. I do think this is a progressive co-op model and I expect more types of deals like it (in all types of publishing) to emerge. And I plan to try as many as possible!

Lindsay said...

That sounds like an interesting model!

I'm working with the folks at Darkfire Productions to do a podiobook of my first novel. I hadn't put much thought into selling it, as I'm planning to podcast the series for free and see if I can pick up new fans that way, but it is a pricy endeavor, so I can see where this could be an appealing option.

Neal Hock said...

I think your next book should involve chickens.


Jeffrey Kafer Voice overs said...

Just for clarification, the actual production company is SpringBrook Audio is one of the distributors.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jeffrey! You're a pleasure to work with--I figured people who were interested could connect the dots. I like that you get to pick your reader from a pool of samples.

@Lindsay, I did a few brief audio files as teasers/first chapters and, like "book trailers," came to believe they took way more effort than they gave back. Good luck!

@neal, I've done goats to death so maybe the Haunted Chicken is the last refuge...