Friday, February 24, 2012

World Kindle domination from my writing desk

World domination is within the grasp of reclusive hillbillies...Amazon is branching onto Brazil:

I have one Portuguese title already so it will be competing with 3,800 Kindle titles in a land of 195 million people. I like those odds. And I set my first German title, Tote lieben langer, to free for Saturday and Sunday, a book skillfully translated by Stefan Mommertz. And a Japanese manga artist will be providing illustrations to mirror the work of my fictional character Kendra Wilson (herself a manga-style comics artist) in the Chinese edition of Speed Dating with the Dead.

I say all this not to brag, but in incredible gratitude to and in awe of this era and these circumstances. All this can be accomplished without an agent, without anyone in New York to anoint me, without anyone's permission or approval. I feel like a kid playing in the sandbox, just waiting for the bell to ring and the grown-ups to tell me it is time to get back in line. Because all this is done with relentless will, built on a business model of blind faith and blind panic.

It took no money to play. All it took was heart, passion, and time. It is a spiritual journey for me, and God and her Universe reinforce what I do, which is why I believe it is utterly okay to be me and to do these things. To do anything else would be resistance to the flow. And I also know anyone can do this. All you have to do is believe absolutely, commit fully, and go around, over, or through anyone who says "No."

If a silly old hillbilly can do it, surely you can. And I never have to leave my Appalachian Mountain holler if I don't want to. And I rarely want to. Because the whole world is already right here. And I only want the world so I can give it back. You can play in my sandbox anytime!

My box set Mystery Dance: Three Novels will be free today through Sunday (Feb. 24-26):



Neal Hock said...

Scott, you give hope to reclusive hillbillies everywhere. Keep it up!


Author Scott Nicholson said...

Can't make it without the laying hens, though!

Don Broma said...

Definitely perked my ears up about Kindle Brazil. 3,800 available titles for 195 million people: let the Brazilian Gold Rush begin! Good luck to you with your world domination plans.

Linda Acaster said...

Fantastic news for you - and the rest of us. Long may you reign!

Douglas Dorow said...

May not be a hillbilly, but in the frozen tundra country/fly over land, we like to write. I'm working on it Scott, looking for translators myself :)

Shah Wharton said...

You're dominating my world, over the past few weeks I've got nine of your books for FREE and can't wait to dive right in :) Many thanks Scott!

Jim Crocker said...

Scott, Thanks for the freebie, dude. I'll read 'em. I promise. I'll send you a FREE one of mine, later (when it's Done done). Hey. It's a wonderful world and a wonderful country. We sit "home" in our hallahs doing this Thing of ours. HA! 200,000 sold!! You be livin' in a pretty nice hallah, I think. C-ya.

Author Scott Nicholson said...

Hi, Don, plus Brazilian writers now have a voice!

Linda, it's a great time for all of us.

Doug, good luck with the translators--maybe we can help them earn a living from their talents.

Shah, I hope you will write reviews and tell your friends--so I can afford to give MORE away!

Jim, good luck with the writing and thanks for dropping by, This holler ain't so bad.