Saturday, December 21, 2013

Get Eaten By Goats in Scott Nicholson's Solom!

Solom #1 is now out for Kindle, 99 cents for a limited time! When Katy and her teen daughter Jett move to the Appalachian Mountain town of Solom, they become the target of a legendary supernatural menace.

Solom #2, THE NARROW GATE, is live for Kindle preorder, releasing Feb. 26. Katy and Jett discover that Solom's legends now threaten the entire town, and they find an unexpected ally on Solom's final battleground. A new series derived from my 2006 novel THE FARM. Sign up for my Tao of Boo newsletter for your chance to be eaten by goats in Book #2!

I also have eight different Kindle thriller and horror books on sale for 99 cents for December.

Also having a Kindle box set blow-out, $2.99 or less.

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