Friday, July 9, 2010

Four Ways to Be A Better Reader

I've heard that people are more likely to read a blog with short bulleted lists because then they can skim to the most useful information. So I am leaving out all the information you don't need and hitting the high spots (but I'll bet you didn't read this because you went right to the bullets.)

1. Use your library. If you haven't been in a while, your library is not just books anymore. I love to grab audiobooks for long car trips. It's sort of like averaging an extra book per week. They also have computers!

2. Read aloud to kids. You want your kids to develop good habits and be able to educate themselves, or else they will have to rely on others for an education that's probably going to suit the educator better than it suits the child. Any reading is good reading--comics, picture books, tweets, blogs, Don't just cram down the usual "classics." MOBY DICK has killed the joy of reading in millions of teens. TWILIGHT has created millions of readers.

3. Diversify. Keep a book by the bed, by the tub, in the seat of your car for red-light stops; try e-books, you may find them convenient. While buying books supports more writing and books, free and cheap is good, too.

4. Spread the love. Tell friends about books you like and engage in conversations. You might be surprised who else has read the same book. That's a better, more intimate connection than "American Idol."

There. How to be a better reader without having to read too much about being a better reader!



Monster A Go-Go said...

I'm always juggling three specifically for bedtime, one for home reading (any time besides bedtime)...and one as my travel book (that goes with me to work, in the car, on trips or it's what I read when i do my 3-mile walks for exercise). Currently I am reading that strange "Nightmares from the Closet" or whatever it's called---the collection of gay-themed (!!??!!) short stories you have a story in (!!!??!!!). I am using it as my night time read. Your stories always put me to sleep! :)

author Scott Nicholson said...

Unspeakable Horror, the gay horror anthology--a fun book!