Monday, November 29, 2010

If I Were Your Monster

It had to happen. I've done almost everything there is in the field of literature except ghostwrite a celebrity bio. So with little fanfare (sit down in the back, you kids, and quit clapping--no fun allowed), here comes If I Were Your Monster, slobbering and clicking just in time for the holidays. Yes, for a limited time only, this full-color, 24-page children's book has fun rhymes, cool creatures illustrated by Lee Davis, and, well, lizard socks.

(Okay, kids, you can stand up and cheer! Hooray). Yes, you have to make your parents buy it for you. So cry, whine, pitch a brat fit, do whatever it takes to be the first kid on the block to own If I Were Your Monster. Aaaand...just in time for Christmas, special preorders are $6.95 INCLUDING SHIPPING! Yes, for less than the price of one of those stupid old grown-up books, you can have this beast at your door before St. Nick shows up and steals your tree. Or is that the Grinch?

At any rate, kids, just have your parents pay pal to hauntedcomputer AT yahoo DOT com. Or else hack their accounts and do it yourself. (Technically, I am not supposed to say that, so let me take that part back).


Jeff said...

I'm looking all around to find where I can paypal you for one of these books. Please direct me.

Neal Hock said...

Ordered it and can't wait for it to come! It'll make a great Xmas gift for my kids.


author Christa Polkinhorn said...

Well, a Pay button or an image that takes you to the place where you can actually order it would be cool. Jeff isn't the only one lost here. And we aren't even kids!
Get with it. Just because you're a little tired after your monster blog tour . . . Geez, Louise.
Den Mom, Christa

Monster A Go-Go said...

I ordered mine (and one for my, o' so sweet and delightful nephew) yesterday. But where is today's (Nov. 30) final blog tour post??? Ha!


author Christa Polkinhorn said...

I ordered one for my inner naughty kid.

mrlucky said...

Scott, you OK? C'mon buddy, you can make it!
Count me in for the Kindle please.

Jeff said...

So how is it done? Neal, Monster, and Christa... little help, please?

author Christa Polkinhorn said...

Hi Jeff,
Log on to Paypal:
If you aren't signed up yet, you can register for free.
Go to "Send Money"
Enter Scott's email address:
Enter the amount, click "Continue" and go from there.
Hope that helps!

author Scott Nicholson said...

I will create a page for it tonight! It's sure easier with a button. If only God would create 36-hour days i would get all my duties finished! Thanks to all who ordered. We've been back and forth with the proof but I want the best book possible.


Jeff said...

Thanks Christa, I'll give it a try!

Jeff said...


Carol said...

The end of the 90 day blog tour...

Jim said...

Cover looks great! I'm betting if this is half a good as your other stuff, my daughter and I will enjoy reading it together for years to come.

And speaking of daughters, is it a mere coincidence that the girl on the cover bears a striking resemblance to the lovely young lady reading with you on your home page banner?

- Jim

author Scott Nicholson said...

hmm that's coincidence, Jim, since artist Lee Davis did that drawing on his own!