Saturday, November 13, 2010

Writing Talk

I haven't been offering as much writing advice lately because everything changes so much that I don't know what to tell you. Half of the stuff in the free writing manual Write Good or Die is probably useless, but I don't know which half.

Self-publishing has been the best thing I've ever done for my career, but it's not just for practical reasons. The primary advantages for me have been those of the spirit. I feel inspired, I have unlimited income and audience potential, I can craft whatever book or career I feel is necessary, and I've been able to connect or reconnect with you after a couple of dormant years.

No, I wasn't hibernating, as evidenced by the new books I've released this year, and in a way, the timing is right--I finally feel like I am matched up with my era. I love positive partnerships but I'm also the self-reliant sort. So, aside from the brass tacks and sales figures, if you're considering self-publishing, weigh the needs of the ego and your faith and your place in the Word Community. Don't jump in because you're desperate or those "idiots in New York" don't recognize your obvious genius. Do it when you have something to share, when you're giving instead of taking. Give, and then you will receive.

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Regge Ridgway said...



Regge Ridgway said...

it worked for
but no scott blog posted yet

Jeff said...

Me too, Regge. I thought there was something just around 11:00 A.M. but had to dash off to church. When I came back, there were plenty of posts about writing, the latest being Friday, but not your's?

As for your (Scott) post above, I'm not a writer, but have always held them in high regard. I love the clever turn of phrase, succinct yet vivid description, and humorous observations. Writers are writers because they have to be. They write even when they do not have an audience. If they want to share these writings with others outside their families and friends, they would have to get some other someone else to see that they were worthy or something. The few little essays that I have written, that I valued, were quite personal and would bring me to tears when reading them to others. Why is that? I would not self-publish for the very reason that it seems all too personal and frankly, it is a lot of work, and that is if I have a notion of my audience! I can't even imagine what it would be like to write to the world at large.

I agree that this process, like most others, should be a giving process and not one of taking! Good writing tends to be on the order of a gift, and as a reader, I appreciate the gift. I think self-publishing, though possibly too open, just helps to tear down some of those barriers between people making it easier to literally get the word out. I know you are getting charged up by these developments and I'm rooting for you and the others who are finding this new found freedom.

Jeff White....

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks for the heads-up, guys. It SHOULD be there for good now.


Regge Ridgway said...

not quite

katsrus said...

Hi Scott. Am following your blog.

Weston said...

Scott, I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but this time it isn't incompatibilities in my (not so) smart phone. The blog isn't displaying today's post at the red pencil.

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author Scott Nicholson said...

Sorry all, it looks like they rescheduled without my being aware of it. We'll just have to cross this one off the list. They will run the post but I don't know when. I will think of a bonus giveaway to make up for it.


The Undead Rat said...


I thought I had already followed your blog with Google follow but when I clicked on the button to follow it didn't tell me I was already following you, it added me.

Oops . . .

Well that little oversight is corrected now.

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jessica said...

Thanks for the heads up Scott, now I'm off to see about following your blog.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I just read your post that wasn't there that is now there at Blood Red Pencil. This e-book publishing is absolutely incredible!! I have lived a long time. I'm 70 and about to publish a first book with a small press. I've seen a lot, including the very old-fashioned typewriter to the electric one to the computer. No television in my life until I was 12; rotary phones--no cell phones, etc. etc. Sometimes it feels like my brain is going to explode from trying to learn all this new stuff, feed it all this new information. But I keep plugging away and except for Twitter (maybe I'll get this some day) it all sinks in step by step. With e-books I can afford to buy more books. Drummer Boy is one of your titles that intrigues me--the title. Titles ARE important.

Anyway, I'm here to follow and learn. Thanks!