Thursday, September 1, 2011

Be Nicholson's Agent: $200 giveaway by Scott Nicholson

Winners selected: $100, Betty; $50, Donna S; $10, Mary, Trace, Rita, Tammi, Leslie.

Okay, you might be as lazy as I am. I want to give you $200, and I don't want a lot of hassle. So here's all you have to do between Sept. 1 and Sept. 8. You can do this all at once or a little at a time, all of them or a few, but the more you share, the better your odds of winning:

Go to the list of my books at Amazon or in the sidebar to the right, and for each book, click the little "Like" button and then share on Facebook and Twitter (takes two clicks--one click on the "Like," and then a click on the "F" and then click on the "T"). This shows your friends my books.Count the number of books you share--this is your number of entries.

Go to my list of books at Barnes and Noble or in the sidebar on the right. Click the Facebook "Like" and "Google+" buttons for each book, which shares that book with your Facebook and Google+ friends. Please click only on books where I am listed as author--not anthologies or people using my name. Count the number of books you share--this is your number of entries.

Add your Amazon shares to your shares. Email and put in the subject line "Shares: XX," with XX being the number of your total shares. That's all you have to do except sit back and pop the bubbly.

I will add up the shares on Sept. 9, then randomly select a $100 winner, a $50 winner, and five $10 winners, paid in your choice of Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift cards. I'm going to trust you, because who wants to waste time verifying, even though I could probably track you down on Facebook or Twitter? If I get lots of emails but don't ever see the books popping up on Facebook or Twitter, then I will never trust humans again...(oh, how many times have I said that?)

I think that's simple enough. No purchase necessary. If you have any problems, email me or comment below. Thanks for helping, and be sure to check out the Be Nicholson's Agent support blogs for other giveaways and events. The total giveaway goal is $1,000--if I sell about $6,500 worth of books. I usually sell more than that, so this is the giveaway that keeps on giving. I'd love to give away a truckload, with your help.


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Earths Book Nook...Curtains
Kindle in the Wind...As I Die Lying 



Morticia Knight said...

Great idea Scott - helped me to find your books. Just downloaded Flowers & The First. Looking forward to them!

Kippoe said...

Will do :)

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks Morticia and Kipp, good lcuk in the contest. And remember, the more I sell, the more I give away, so tell your friends!

A.E. Mayer said...

Cool post! I like your style and tone. I also recently blogged about the myriad ways to giveaway in a post called "Have Books, Will Buy Friendship." You might enjoy it. Book marketing is crazy. I will check out your books!

Maria said...

Well, I suppose I have to read one before I can like it!

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks AE, I will check it out, I am always learning. And I am always happy to pay people to spread the word about my books, because they can do it better than I can!

Maria, that's a good point--maybe they shhould change those buttons to "Share" so they can also sell books that people hate!

Good luck.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Good Luck everyone and Scott too!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I've been liking and posting, but spreading it out a bit, since yesterday. I'm also going to share this post on Twitter and Facebook. =O)

Jon Olson said...

Interseting idea, but somehow, I have enough else to do.

jon olson
The Petoskey Stone

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks Kathryn and Michelle, I appreciate it!

Jon, I certainly understand--it's set it up so you only have to do it if you WANT to! Good luck to you.

Sher A. Hart said...

Darn. I'm too afraid of ghosts to read the stories. Haven't liked horror since watching The Tingler alone as a teen. But if you ever do this for not scary stuff, I'll help.

Linda said...

I do not find that list on the right side, and am flipping back & forth, Liking. How many books do you have? This could take all day, and I'd rather read.


author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks Sher, about half my books aren't horror or supernatural--there are children's books, mysteries, science fiction, and fantasy. But I don't want to scare anyone who doesn't want to be scared. Thanks for dropping by.

Linda, the link list is in the sidebar under my picture--one says "Scott Nicholson on Kindle"--those are the links to Amazon, and below that is "Barnes & Noble Nookbooks." I understand our time is valuable, which is why I am giving away money! (Money, to me, is nothing but a form of time).