Monday, September 19, 2011

Fiction and Book Translators Wanted

David Gaughran, author of Let's Get Digital, ran a post on my ideas for indie translators. I am actively seeking translators in any language, particularly Spanish, French, and German. Clearly ebooks are expanding across the globe and the former geographic limitations are meaningless, so I believe there's a great opening and opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.

Thanks to my wonderful German translator Christa Polkinhorn, we've spent more than a month in the German Top 100, and though some pricing problems caused Der Schadelring to be temporarily unpublished, I'm very pleased with the small but growing market. I can see that duplicated around the world--writers and translators earning a living from a number of small revenue streams instead of counting on the next big payday.

If you're interested in a 20 percent royalty for life, why not connect here in the comments section or email me at hauntedcomputerbooks AT Happiness is a word in every language!

Also mentioned it in my Alchemy of Scrawl blogtalk segment with Coral Russell.

Gesucht deutsche ÜbersetzerInnen (mit deutscher Muttersprache) für unabhängige Veröffentlichungsprojekte in digitaler Literatur (eBücher). Honorar: 20 Prozent des Autorenhonorars. Bitte wenden Sie sich für nähere Informationen an hauntedcomputer AT


Vanessa Morgan said...

I could do translations into Dutch and French, which are the two languages I grew up in. I could probably only start early 2012 though. You know how to contact me if you have any questions.

Werner said...
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author Scott Nicholson said...

Great, Vanessa, I will email you!

cleemckenzie said...

How exciting to be able to have your books translated into other languages. I wish I had control over my books and could do that. Great good luck to you. Oh, and thanks for stopping in at the Write Game. I really appreciated your visit.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Clee, thanks for dropping by! Yes, this is a game.

vieru marian said...

i want to translate books from english to contact