Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kindle Fire and Netflix: A Match Made In Electroheaven?

As news of the Kindle Fire kicks around the Internet. I don't think I will be an early adopter, since I am not a touchscreen fan, but I am really interested in the Prime subscription, especially since Netflix has hit the skids. One of the rumors floating around is that Amazon will buy Netflix, at least the livestream half, which supposedly is one reason Netflix split into two divisions and separated its mail-order DVD service.

Here are a few Kindle books and news sites I've discovered recently:
Kindle 3
Kindle Dark on Facebook
Kindle Surprise on Twitter

I am going to experiment with putting out a few individual short stories for Kindle. I've put out entire collections for 99 cents, and even novels for 99 cents, but many authors believe 99 cents is a good price for one story. I like giving people a lot for their money, but a dollar is a dollar. I am also going to be raising my novel prices in line with what Amazon decides to price the Liquid Fear books at for Dec. 20 release. So if you like bargain prices, you better grab me now while I am "el cheapo."

There is debate about whether 99 cent products lead to a sense of entitlement among consumers, or that they expect a low-priced product to be crap. I have noticed my cheaper books and freebies tend to attract more one-star reviews, which kind of blows my mind. While the work should be judged on its merits, I would never dream of slamming something I got for free--I would just quietly move it to the side and forget all about it.

Others believe higher prices make the reader value the product more, because they feel good about it and assign more worth and quality to it. There may be a psychological impulse at work, but I don't understand it, because I value a book I check out from the library just as much as I do one I paid $25 for in hardcover. At any rate, the customer is always right, and you are my customer, so I trust you to tell when my prices are too high--hopefully BEFORE you stop buying them!

Anyway, Amazon and Netflix--here's the second leap on that rumor. If Amazon is moving to a subscription model for books (which I would bet a house on) and are becoming a publisher, what's to stop them from developing their own movie production company? Nothing.



Andrew Van Wey said...

Hi Scott!

Re: the Kindle Fire. While I don't think it'll replaced the iPad, or chip away at its numbers too much, I do think it hits a neat niche between those who want a color e-reader and those who want a tablet. Amazon's saying they pre-sold some 90k of them which is pretty impressive.

Re: 99c eBooks, personally I think of cheap things when I see a novel length book at that price. I've bought enough iOS games at 99c that I played once and forgot about, and books take up far more time than most of my apps. It doesn't surprise me that cheaper and free tends to give the reader less a sense of value. I see it constantly. I'll give you a personal example: I recently upgraded my laptop bag to an SF Bags Muzetto (which came out to almost $300). They're some of the most comfortable bags out there (I carry *all* my writerly geek-stuff in it). I gave my old bag to a family member which was almost as expensive and equally well built. The resultm? Complaint after complaint over little things (color of an inside pocket) until they reverted back to a bag they bought at an airport. Bag went back to me where I sold it on Craigslist and the buyer emailed me a month later to say how thrilled they were with it still.

People seem to value things they invest in, and most people invest in things with money. I think the race to the bottom for the 99c book (or the free book) is a nice promotional tool for a short time, but ultimately results in some wonky expectations, especially when you have something like a novel that a reader invests HOURS upon HOURS in.

Just My 2 cents.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks, Andrew, I've considered that--because I am banking my family's financial security on the ebooks now, I have to make sound decisions, yet I also understand that taking risks actually increases the odds of success! I am considering a raise to $3.99 for novels.

I don't know the future but it's hard to see a world where people get 99 cent novels as the standard, although that's where I thought it was headed last year.

Andrew Van Wey said...

Well even if you price it too high it can always be lowered, it's not like a ton of paper copies need to be recalled, pulped, and reprinted. You're a talented writer and I'm sure you'll continue to succeed. I think you're banking on a technology that's only going to grow.

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