Thursday, December 15, 2011

The screenplay of the novelization of the book

I'm one of the tens of thousands of authors trying the Amazon KDP Select program, where you make a book(s) available in the Prime lending library for a 90-day period. And the books are exclusive to Amazon during that period, too. Amazon also allows you to make an enrolled book free for up to five days during that period. It's too new to tell how this is going to affect the ebook scene, but I decided to roll out The Gorge: The Screenplay for a five-day giveaway.

I have never really promoted the screenplay, which I released as a Kindle-only ebook probably a year ago. It's my original screenplay adaptation of They Hunger, which is still in print from Kensington Books in the US and Canada, although I have released a digital version under the title The Gorge in all the other world markets. In case you are not yet confused enough, I also have a graphic novel in development called The Gorge, of which we've completed one issue.

All this is to say, well, grab the screenplay while it's free!

If you are outside the US/Canada, the novel version is on Amazon UK. The Kindle and paperback editions in US can be ordered at Amazon.


Candice L Davis said...

So I will ask the stupid question: When does it make sense to publish a screenplay? We've got a drawer full of them, but only one is in the process of being novelized at the moment. None of these have been produced as of yet. It hasn't even occurred to us to publish the screenplays at all.

RLL said...

I’m blogging about my take on Amazon KDP Select over at REPORT FROM A FUGITIVE. Why I signed up, and what it meant for my blog. Posted Monday 19th December, 2011.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Candice, I guess the point at which you publish is when you feel there is nothing to lose. Heck, I'd bet your odds of getting a movie deal are better by publishing your screenplay than waiting on some agent.

RLL, thanks for the heads up.

Candice L Davis said...

That's not a bad standard, and believe me, we're already at the point at which we have nothing to lose. I think we'll give it a shot just to see how it goes.