Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fangs in Bed and a Kindle Fire giveaway!

Be sure to plug into eBookSwag for next week's Kindle Fire giveaway, and toss your entry into our "Name the Swag Fairy" contest while you're at it! I will have 12 books free next week, and some of these won't be available for free through Amazon Select's program after that.

We also just released FANGS IN BED, the first novella in the Sabrina Vickers, Vampire Angel series. I collaborated with new writer K.C. Carr on it and it is a sexy paranormal romance that is more in the vein of the collaborations I have done with J.R. Rain (who just released Vampire Moon in his popular Samantha Moon series.)


Christine said...

I just submitted my entry and now I'm off to check out the new book @ Amazon.
I'm loving how active you've been & it's so good to see you having great success. Cheers!

author Christa Polkinhorn said...

Fangs in Bed??? Okay. Did you come up with that title, Scott? I wouldn't put it past you. LOL. Good luck with the book!