Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free books, interview links, and a hint

A couple of crazy things cooking up, as usual. (Hint: follow @eBookSwag on Twitter!)

And I am bored with talking about myself. If you want that, here's an interview Meaghan Gray did with me at the awesome ereader/ebook site Ireader Review, which is one of my favorite sites for great analysis of the digital reading era:

My final post for the Writers Guide to Epublishing went up Wednesday. So many others talk about writing and indie books better than I do, so I will be doing much less writer babble in the future. I think I've said more than I know already, and it's time to move on to other things.

Free book schedule for Kindle:
March 9-11: Free #Kindle Box Set: ETHEREAL MESSENGER by @eScottNicholson (UK: #horror

March 12-14: "Your shrink will disapprove": Kindle collection Head Cases by @eScottNicholson (UK:

March 12-13: YA paranormal fantasy October Girls


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