Tuesday, March 30, 2010

breaking rules to break in

Here's an article by a comics writer on "Breaking in without the rules":http://www.busiek.com/site/2009/06/breaking_in_without_rules.php

My favorite line is "If all you can do is write, you're going to get screwed anyway." While comics writing is a separate breed (essentially most of the pros write for one of the two major publishers), it works for pretty much any entrepreneurial business. I know a number of writers who just want to write. No, it's a business, and writing is just a part of it. If you own a donut store, you spend only part of your time sticking donuts in the oven. And Krispy Kreme is across the street taking up half the block and blinding everyone with its sugar-coated neon signs...

So the moral is to eat donuts and quit writing!


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