Sunday, March 21, 2010

Serious Jones

Tomorrow I head for the Pamlico Sound for a couple of days of rest, relaxation, house renovation, and being sort of near my daughter's school trip to the beach. While I have plenty of work to do, I won't have Internet access...and the wireless card is busted on my laptop. That cry you hear may be the shriek of withdrawal. My life revolves around the Internet and wireless communication, which is funny since I'm one of the least-plugged-in people you can imagine. I don't even have a real cell phone, just one of those TracFones that cost about a quarter a minute (and, yes, I have the 59-second conversation down to an art form).

If you need to get in touch, you can't even go the message-in-a-bottle route because of environmental consciousness. So just yell real loud. If you didn't notice I have been away from the computer for two days, you obviously are missing out!

On the other hand, I hope to get the rewrite of Speed Dating With the Dead done, as well as some editing work.


author Christa Polkinhorn-Umiker said...

"Speed Dating With the Dead"??
I think you do need a few days of rest!
I love the title. What is it? A novel?
Have fun. Christa

author Scott Nicholson said...

yeah, a paranormal conference gone bad...

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott! Just dropping by to visit you now. Nice site and great covers!!