Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Energizer bunnies of promotion

Two people who seem to be all over the Internet at any given time are Debbi Mack, author of Identity Crisis, and Zoe Winters , as well as the inimitable J.A. Konrath, the ubiquitous go-to Earl of E-Book or Wizard of Wazzup, whichever you prefer. What's fun is when people create their own success by being what they already are--I've noticed my favorite musicians are like this, too. They may not be the best-sellers, or the attention-grabbers, but they tend to hang around, earn respect, and broaden their scope as they take chances. As Johnny Depp says, "I just do what I do." No one is as universally cool as Depp. I hope more authors put a little Depp in their step.

It's not just about hype, either. It's about confidence, belief in the worth of your work, and the desire for other people to see and possibly share your vision. Now that's something worth getting juiced about.


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Zoe Winters said...

Thanks for the shout out! What you say about "create their own success by being what they already are" is what I have always worked to do.