Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog Tour tomorrow-- coffee and keyboard ready

Well, here we go...the craziest thing I've ever done in my life. Well, maybe not my entire life, and maybe only involving books, but here comes 90 days of nightmares, three months of mischief, an autumnal adventure, a...well, you get the picture.

If you don't, here's one, as I go from the World's Laziest Hack to the Ugliest Hillbilly On The Internet, the Steve Buscemi of paranormal fiction, the Johnny Depp of supernatural suspense, the Seth Rogen of--oh wait, I don't want to be the Seth Rogen of anything.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow when bestselling mystery writer Vicki Tyley flies in from Australia for a visit. And the day after that, the unquenchable Zoe Winters will be here, who is conducting a Kindle Giveaway tour of her own!

I will pop in here at the blog from time to time with news, but will have a roster of guest bloggers checking in, too, so give them warm treatment! (BTW the Pandora's Box is now up to 71 ebooks).

My wife doesn't really understand how the whole thing works, but I explained that I was finally telling my whole story--the full Scotty--in all my crazy glory, and of course she instantly took credit. The best thing about the new era and Act II of my career is that I get to do whatever I want. Unlimited dreams. The only people I need to worry about are you and my other readers. If I can't turn this into a spectacular failure, I haven't tried hard enough. But you know what? I am having a blast. It feels like this is what I'm meant to do right now. Fourteen years of writing. A stack of books. And the Internet. This couldn't get any better unless they invented virtual chocolate.

I hope you follow the tour and comment. Spread the word. Laugh at me or with me, as long as you laugh. Best of all, have fun. I am!



Sharon S. said...

Hello, I was just complaining how about there being no paranormal fiction writers in my area! And here you are . I have lived in NC my whole life and lived from the beaches to the mountains. Right now I am in the Triad. I look forward to reading your work. And my Kindle is, my preciousssss.

AlexOngNYC said...

It's all or nothing time! I'm either rising to the top or going down fighting!

Dale said...

Bring it on