Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogtalk Tonight: ParaYourNormal

I'll be on ParaYourNormal blogtalk radio tonight at 10:10 pm EST (6:30 PST)
Please drop in or call in a question! Also an interview with three book giveaways on the ParaYourNormal Blog.

Please enter and good luck! Busy working on Chronic Fear, aiming for a late June release.


Conor said...

Shoot. Missed your blogtalk appearance. Hope there will be others.

Nicholas La Salla said...

Me too, and I frequent this blog quite a bit. Picked the wrong day to miss, apparently LOL!

Have a good one Scott!


Monster A Go-Go said...

I'm about 18 minutes into the blogtalk thing (braving all sorts of static and technical difficulties) and I have to pause it to dash off somewhere, but... Where are you? It's a 30 minute show and so far NO SCOTT! Waaaagh! (Must have been busy with the goats, no doubt...)

Monster A Go-Go said...

Okay--I'm back and finished listening to the thing and you NEVER CALLED IN. Grrrr... Oh well. Guess the goats were really HOT ones and keeping you too busy, huh?


Monster A Go-Go said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I just checked back at the site hosting the book giveaway. There were 6 comments left, but only 4 of those left email addresses. The three books were given away to those who left thoughtful, support comments--and NOT me with my stupid sacrastic remark. (And that's AFTER I listened to the static-filled, Scott Nicholson-less Scott Nicholson interview, too! HA!) Too funny... Oh well.