Monday, May 23, 2011

Chronic Fear chapter

Yes, I am actually writing a sequel. Chronic Fear will release June 21 whether I am alive or dead. The first chapter is now up at Roland, Wendy, Alexis, and Mark are caught between two secret agents with conflicting allegiances as Alexis synthesizes her own secret drug.

I have one more sequel planned for a fall release, and September will see the U.S. release of the long-lost Creative Spirit (formerly The Manor). Five years after a callous New York publishing house left it for dead, an evil, wait, that's not the log line. This is a haunted house story.



Spot said...

Yippee! I can't wait for the sequel or Creative Spirit! Good luck with both!


Dom and Nan said...

Oh, Mr. Nicholson! I read the MANOR in hardback many years ago. (actually gazing at it on my bookshelf). Absolutely LOVED this story. Happily anticipating re-reading on my Kindle. Keep up the good work, sir. You've got a fan here for life!


Monster A Go-Go said...

Speaking of "a callous New York publishing house", that reminds me. How is your very calloused left hand? Are you still working on your masterpiece "The Best Little Goat Shed In North Carolina"??? Why is it taking so long to finish and why is it only one hand that seems to be so calloused while the other is completely fine? CHEERS!

author Christa Polkinhorn said...

Intriguing first chapter!

I keep stumbling over this sentence:
"Dr. Alexis Morgan’s lungs froze into two idiot bricks."
What are "idiot bricks?" It sounds awkward to me, but perhaps it's an idiom I don't know.