Thursday, June 2, 2011

New column up

Latest Indie Reader column "Indier Than Thou" up at . My advice? Do whatever works best for you today, because tomorrow will change one way or another. Or maybe you will change. Still working on the Liquid Fear sequel. As they say, these stories don't write themselves.

Liquid Fear is hanging in there...51 days in the Kindle Top 100. Grab a copy while it's cheap, as I'll be raising the price once it's out of the Top 100.



Brenda said...

Agreed, Scott. It seems that people who are busy with labels and "unfairness" are wasting energies that could be better focused toward their own success. We're all in this together to help one another not control one another. One meaning of "independent" is freedom from outside control. As long as an author isn't intentionally setting out to hurt someone, it's their business however they choose to make a living in a changing and challenging profession, and I wish them the best.

author Scott Nicholson said...

well, sadly, Brenda, some writers seem to be in the business of trying to knock others down in the belief that it will lift themselves up.