Monday, June 20, 2011

When Things Get Bloody

A guest post by J.T. Warren on his novel Blood Mountain:

I love movies like The Last House on the Left (especially the old version but the new one gets the job done) or I Spit on Your Grave where the unlucky female protagonist is besieged by madmen who rape her and leave her for dead but instead of surrendering, the traumatized woman finds the strength not only to survive, but to get some blood-drenched revenge.  These kinds of movies and novels are often pushed aside as tasteless forays into the darkest corners of the human mind where decent people would never dare to tread.

They might have a point, but I've never been one to spend all my time with the decent folk.  And when I meander down the slope into those dark caves, I always find someone there who wasn't before, someone whose curiosity got the better of them and now that they've seen what was once so taboo, they are unwilling to leave.  The view from the darkness, you see, is a glimpse of genuine truth.  It may be horrible and unpleasant at times, but it is honest.  Many people would rather ignore that.  Personally, I love settling into a cozy corner down there in the dark, waiting for my eyes to adjust, and watching what happens when people confront their fears.

That's what I've tried to do in BLOOD MOUNTAIN.  There are some very unpleasant parts, some graphic descriptions, and, of course, an awful lot of blood.  There's a man named Victor who believes the End of Everything is fast approaching and it is his job to help "cleanse" the world for the coming Dark Time.  He wants Mercy Higgins to be his companion, his love, and he will get that love by any means necessary.  He even has a shiny collection of knives to help persuade her.  When Mercy and her father hike up the mountain outside of town, Victor believes it is his time to get what he wants.  Mercy will confront evil and discover the depths of human depravity and cruelty.  But Blood Mountain is no ordinary place.  Just look at the mysterious crows that circle the mountain and seem to lust for blood.  This is a dark place, no doubt, and in order to survive, Mercy must harness the darkness within her.  Sometimes that can be the scariest place of all. 

If you dare to travel where the decent folk would never go, please come to Blood Mountain.  Don't worry, I know the trail very well, and I know when we're being followed.  Stay close and I promise you'll make it to the end.  But you may get a little bloody. 



Anonymous said...

Hey, this sounds great. Anyone who is a fan of Last House on the Left (esp the original) is OK in my book!


author Scott Nicholson said...

JT is a little gruesome and bleak at times but sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered!