Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scott Nicholson's Be Nicholson's Agent giveaway

It's almost September, and you know what that means...autumnal splendor, Labor Day, football, and Be Nicholson's Agent. In the old days, agents sold books to publishers and got 15 percent. Now readers sell books to other readers. I want you to be my agent and spread the word about my books. And I'm giving you 15 percent of my ebook earnings this month.

Here are the participating blogs and the books they are repping. The money will be given away as gift cards to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner's choice for each event). The best way to follow is to sign up for my newsletter I will also make daily postings here, on Facebook, and on Twitter about each day's giveaway.
These blogs will also be hosting events and giveaways during the month (and they are cool blogs anyway, so why not follow them?)

Kindle Obsessed ...Liquid Fear
Rex Robot Reviews ...October Girls
Wendy’s Minding Spot ...Speed Dating with the Dead
Bewitched Bookworms ...Disintegration
Fictitious Musings ...Crime Beat
My Reading Room ...The Skull Ring
What Book Is That? ...Burial to Follow
JoJo’s Book Corner ...Transparent Lovers
Vvb32 Reads ...Zombie Bits
Booked Up (UK) ...Creative Spirit
Candace’s Book Blog ...The Red Church
Parajunkee's View ...Forever Never Ends
Jenn’s Bookshelves ...Drummer Boy
Book Faery ...Flowers

Great Minds Think Aloud ...Gateway Drug

Fang-tastic Books ...Ethereal Messenger
Motherlode ...These Things Happened
I Smell Sheep ...Head Cases  
Insatiable Readers ...Nicholson's Ghost Stories
Kindle on the Cheap...The First
The Top Shelf...Ashes

Castle Macabre...American Horror 
Earths Book Nook...Curtains
Kindle in the Wind...As I Die Lying 

The first giveaway will be on Sept. 1 to spread the word about the contest: $10 giveaways to tweet, $10 for Facebook post, $10 to a random newsletter subscriber. Help me kick it off big and help me give you more money!

If you want to be on Team Scott and get some "promotion internship" as well as a book listing in one of my books (for authors," email me at Let's rock. 


Kippoe said...

Cool idea i look forward to following this to see how it goes

author Scott Nicholson said...

yeah me too! We'll figure it out as we go along.

Heather Powers said...

Where is my blog on here??? I changed to wordpress. My new blog link is below.