Monday, April 2, 2012

Free is the new 99 cents

Remember last year when all the indie chatter was about whether 99 cents was a race to the bottom? Little did we know that 2012 would be the year of the free ebook. Not only do writers make their books available for free, they have to spend money and promote to make it happen! But we want readers. And we do anything to make it happen, including humiliating cats. (Hey, I'd do that for free, but free is the new 99 cents...)

So swagger on over to and get free ebooks from Alexandra Solkoloff, Mel Comley, Brett Battles, Zoe Sharp, and little ol' me, and enter daily for three Kindles and $100 in gift cards. The site where everything is free and everything is fun. Unless you're a cat.


1 comment:

Caroline Gerardo said...

I follow that cat .... lol

Great promo Scott, hope it brings them in droves