Thursday, April 19, 2012

Speed Dating with the Dead casting contest

I'm having a casting contest for the theoretical movie version of my paranormal thriller SPEED DATING WITH THE DEAD, currently on sale at 99 cents for Kindle: US:  UK:

Pin the actors you would cast in Speed Dating with the Dead for: Wayne "Digger" Wilson (disillusioned ghosthunter), Kendra Wilson (teen artist), Cody McKenzie (teen hotshot ghosthunter), Janey Mays (creepy old innkeeper), Ann Vanderoon (cynic turned demon), Cristos Rubio (psychic), Rodney "The Roach" Froehmer (charismatic ghost hunter) , Bruce (ghost kid). 

I am giving away three signed paperback copies as part of the SPEED DATING casting contest. Just pin your casting suggestions on Pinterest and place the link below. If you don't use Pinterest, you can post them on the Scott Nicholson Fan Club page on Facebook. And if you don't use either Facebook or Pinterest, you can list your cast in the comments section. Winners selected April 30, open internationally! (Also doing this on my pinterest board if you send me your name so I can add you as a contributor).

Here are some entries so far:
Sarah Welsh
Rebecca Lord
Chris Demby Cook

Have fun and stay safe out there!

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I vote for Chris Cook, but I am a little biased. ;)