Friday, April 27, 2012

Kindle Fire giveaways and author sponsorships at

Hey, I've helped give away 28 Kindle Fires this year, in addition to well over a million ebooks and hundreds of dollars in gift cards. And now I want authors to team up with me to meet more readers and give away even more stuff. It all happens at, which is the brainchild of Michelle Dear and crafted from the lessons learned in Epic Kindle Giveaway, the Kindle Giveaway Blog Tour, Big Kindle Boogie, and more than two years of experience in marketing ebooks.

Our author sponsorships have an introductory price of $10, and our raffles are designed to generate additional traffic for the site. I view it as a collaborative marketing center that we are building into a community and a multi-faceted marketing arena, bringing in forums, Facebook, Twitter, and book bloggers, as well as our weekly newsletter. We also have incentives for multiple days and for bringing your author friends tot he party.

For readers, we introduce cool new books, both free and value-priced, as well as give away prizes and offer tools to interact with our authors. So sign up for the newsletter and join the party!

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