Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New digital publishing venture

This is really a no-brainer, given the rapid changes in the publishing world. I have launched Haunted Computer Productions as an ebook enterprise, working in collaboration with Ghostwriter Publications in the UK. Our plan right now is to take over the world on each side of the Big Pond. It's a perfect storm of conditions (and I promise we won't use many cliches like "perfect storm") to engage in this--there's a generation of authors who aren't as tech savvy but whose books have already been published, had their day on the shelves, and gone out of print. There is no reason for those books to be gone forever.

Right now we are talking with a couple of genre authors to get their ebooks up on a writer-friendly model. They can pull out at any time. I have been thinking about this a couple of months, having spent the time to learn about ebook formatting and having undergone the frustration of waiting for six months on a submission or two years for a book to hit the shelves. HCP is not about instant gratification by writers who aren't "good enough" to sell in New York. In fact, some of these authors have sold hundreds of thousands of print copies. I am considering a few select original titles, and my standards are as tough as anything in major publishing. The main difference is that I don't have a profit-margin sheet that guides decisions. All I need is passion and a few hours of time.

Personally, I am still pursuing major publishing deals because I still believe that's what authors should do if they want a professional career, and you'll benefit from the nurturing, editing, promotion, and bookstore presence. But there's a growing ebook audience whose needs are not fully met because they are only now realizing their hunger. I hope you will follow us at our new blog and support us if we look interesting.


Dark Intruder said...

This is exciting, Scott! I wish you nothing but the best in this new endeavor.


Erik Williams said...

Good luck, Scott! I've been following your comments and J.A.'s and am very interested to see where this takes you. Ultimately, it'll be entrepreneurs like you who will change modern publishing.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks Erik and DI. Right now I am working with Horror Mall to get books up there, too, and Ghostwriter Publications is putting together a really good UK roster. I still am a writer first, but this is a wonderful synthesis of all my skills. I have always been 20 years out of fashion in either direction, but even my web site name, Haunted Computer, knew something I didn't. Truth is, I'm a quiet homebody, and being able to sit in my dirty sweatpants and build a cottage industry with great partners is my idea of living the dream. Oddly enough, since I started this, I am writing more than ever!