Wednesday, February 10, 2010

POD people

Review of The Red Church up at DigiScrapping. It's kind of cool to get reviews for an older book with a new leash on life. I'm working with Damien Navillus to do print layout and make it available in paper once again, like through a print-on-demand press. Since acquiring an ISBN, paying proof and set-up fees, and other overhead would run in the hundreds of dollars, and the ebooks are doing well with nothing more than time invested, it makes sense to do it directly through Amazon's Createspace, but I haven't made a final decision yet. I've been brainstorming ways to get the book back in print for at least a year, and, well, I'm not getting any younger.

If there's enough interest, I'll probably go ahead and release a print novel of The Skull Ring, probably in trade paperback size, and also work up a couple of graphic anthologies for the long-suffering DIRT series and GRAVE CONDITIONS. Let me know if you still like paper over plastic--I expect it will be three to five years before ebooks take a majority share of the reading market.


Dark Intruder said...

I'd be interested in a print copy of The Skull Ring. I started reading it today (and enjoying the heck out of it), but I would still enjoy a print copy. Especially if you have some of the new cover art you have been rolling out lately; I've really been digging it.


author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks, Neal, I am actually thinking of making that available on March 1 in print if I can.

cpolkinhorn said...

Since I just spent my hard-earned money on a Kindle reader, I'll get digital versions to at least pretend to get my money's worth. So there you have it. (But I'll consider paper versions as well!). Christa