Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kindle love stories

Some of the beautiful stories I've heard about e-readers...on the Amazon Kindle forums, there's a thread about mounting Kindles to wheelchairs so that people with limited mobility can more easily navigate pages (much more easily than a paper book). At KindleBoards, there's one thread by an elementary teacher who is showing her Kindle in the classroom and making reading cool. On another thread, a man who hasn't read for entertainment in 30 years because of visual limitations can now adjust his text size, and has read four books since getting his Kindle for Christmas. Combined with reports of people reading more than ever with their e-readers, and that they are trying books they never would have "picked up" otherwise, these inspiring stories affirm my belief that a new age of communication and literature are upon us.

Sure, many of us will still love our paper books, at least for a while, and paper is still the most viable means of recording information for the long term. I have my paper books, and I love seeing my name on the cover of a book (though I store them all away in a closet, not where I have to look at them all the time). But the experience of storytelling refuses to be stuck in any particular format or squeezed through a singular route. It's a new chapter, for sure.

Suspense novel The Skull Ring is now live for Kindle at Amazon and for Sony, ePub, Stanza, Palm, and other formats at Smashwords. Hope you will give it a look.

Julia Stone is piecing together childhood memories of the night her father vanished. When she discovers a strange silver ring, the past comes creeping back. She finds messages inside her house, the cop who investigated her father's disappearance has followed her to the mountain town of Elkwood, and the religious local handyman is trying to save her in more ways than one. And now a sinister cult is claiming ownership of her body and soul...

The official launch is still March 1, at which time giveaways will ensue based on the book's success that week at Amazon. Hope you'll chip in as a Microchip through Haunted Computer Books and support working-class fiction!


cpolkinhorn said...

Just got your Skull Ring with one click and it's already on my Kindle. I have Kindle-mania. HELP!
I look forward to a good read.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Heh, several friends of mine are buying Kindles now. If I sell enough ebooks, I will, too! Hope you enjoy the tale, Christa, and good luck with your writing.