Tuesday, May 11, 2010

flash mob-take two

I bought my copy...every author should buy a copy of their Kindle books to proof them. I actually found a few line breaks that needed correction, and those are now winding through the Amazon system. Seven people bought copies before I did. Thank you very much!

The rank hasn't moved from 6,972 but I suspect it will take a bit for the effect to trickle through (It may not even show up until the next hour, which means I'll have to sit here another hour and blog! That's okay, though, because it's cold and rainy here, and I'll be starting a fire, though I have some firewood to unload.)

I think this type of experiment would work really well for Seth Godin, Seth Harwood, Scott Sigler, or one of the other plugged-in 21st century creative types. It's an idea worth developing, so if I do it again, I'll actually plan ahead...

Seven copies in five minutes, or about what James Patterson sells during a sneeze...


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Seth Harwood said...

Not a bad idea! Yes, I formatted one of my Kindle books myself (A Long Way from Disney), but looking over the Three Rivers version of Jack Wakes Up isn't a bad idea at all!