Tuesday, May 11, 2010

snare a Drummer Boy

Okay, I've been drumming up "drum slogans" to launch this here novel. I had the "Beat it" campaign, which doesn't really work unless you consider beating my head in for shameless book-pimping. There's "marching to a different drummer," which I actually enjoy as a real-life phrase because I am always out of step with the world (I'll be lucky if I don't miss my own flash mob). But my favorite is "Go ahead and snare you a copy." That plays on subtlety beyond the whole drum thing.

This morning's numbers--for the month, Drummer Boy has sold the princely amount of 16 Kindle copies, or about one-and-a-half per day. Since I've done virtually no promoting for it (because I'm such a Rebel--heh heh), that's not too bad, especially when you consider half a million titles are up at Amazon. Its rank this morning was 12,440, and it actually slid as I was preparing my launch. Technically, I am at my day job right now--one of the gimmicks of the "New Super-Hyper Transmedia Digital Content Delivery Man" is to be in several places at once, so I have two computers running.

I noticed this morning that, for the release of my first novel The Red Church, I spent an entire year planning its release. I even wrote a monthly series on it, and credit the series for helping that book's success. I dreamed up the flash mob campaign last Wednesday or Thursday...

I also have notes on the sales totals of my other books, so I will be able to compare the increase in each for the flash-mob hour, the day, and maybe a week or so later, to see if there is any residual effect.

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