Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've just started doing some podcasting and audio recording, starting with a babble called "So You Want to be a Writer?" Mostly autobiographical...

Interesting article on Kindle Nation Daily about the new influx of ebook prices, proving the conventional wisdom that publishers couldn't long sustain the artificially high e-book prices. As an author with cheap e-books (I prefer the label "working-class fiction"), I had hoped the window would stay open longer but now it appears even the smaller authors are going to have to compete with the big names at low prices.

Having recently finished the first draft of a YA novel, it's time to tackle a couple of revisions and adapt one screenplay into a novel (I know, I know, that's backward from the usual order of things, but I tend to do everything in a series of disconnected left turns.)

Recent posts include a guest slot on Straight From Hel called "Publishing Ground Zero" and the first up in my regular gig at Blood Red Pencil, this one on building non-fiction clips.

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