Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fake relatives review for Amazon

Today's post on the Kindle Giveaway Blog Tour is, all about how your schizophrenic fake relatives need to give you five-star reviews. Don't forget Zombiepalooza going on over at Amanda Hocking's blog

LC Glazebrook is fully out of the closet and demanding equal play. Love her up at Amazon. (She also demanded a co-writing credit for Flowers, since it's also jammy packed with yummy Young Adult goodness.)

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Also a new Scott interview up at Horror World.



JaxPop said...

I posted a review for Drummer Boy on Amazon but forgot to add the disclaimer that I AM NOT A RELATIVE & NOT SCHIZOPHRENIC.

Reputation in jeopardy.... ???

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks very much, Dave! Now I only need one more relative to review it to hit that magical "20 reviews" mark. Let me flip through my fake credit cards...