Friday, October 15, 2010

Tour hits halfway point!

Today's post at Larissa's Life address Crystal & Bone's life among the hotties. The Kindle Giveaway Blog Tour has hit the halfway point and I'm still standing. Or crawling. Hard to tell which. Don't forget to follow "hauntedcomputer" on Twitter to be eligible for the Pandora's Box of 100+ ebooks.


Monster A Go-Go said...

Oh my God... You mean we are ONLY half way through this thing? UGH!!!! This is almost as unending as my science classes seem to be.

On that note, I should say that as predicted I started "Skull Ring" this evening. It will take me weeks and weeks to go through as I am so mired in school... But I've started and it's all down hill from the title page, right?


author Scott Nicholson said...

the ring closes in...