Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grave Conditions shipping

The horror anthology comic Grave Conditions will soon be on its way from the printer, but there's still time to pre-order and get an original, limited edition sketch card by Shane Kirshenblatt. The 108-page trade paperback features stories by Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry Stephen Susco, William Harms, JA Konrath and more. Books are $9.95 plus $3 shipping, order at Just in time for Halloween!

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Monster A Go-Go said...

Dolla Bin Horror has not posted your blog yet...unless I'm blind (and I've looked several times). And I noticed you are wimping out on doing a blog tour post on Thanksgiving. Turkey. :)

author Scott Nicholson said...

Monster, I said "90-day" and if I didn't skip a day it would be 91. I always keep my word, especially when I get to be lazier...

Monster A Go-Go said...

Well, you SHOULD do Thanksgiving since you gave us a REPEAT entry yesterday...despite the zombie video featuring your a shocking glimpse of your undead hooters of horror!! Hee hee heee! What else do I have to look forward to on Thanksgiving anyway? Dinner (actually lunch) with my dysfunctional family? O' the horror... All I'm asking for is a big slice o' Nicholson turkey served up a la mode with maybe some pie on the side.

Oh well---I'll just sleep in and spend the bulk of the day studying (biological statistics then...o' the joy... You KNOW you are jealous).

Gobble Gobble!!