Friday, February 4, 2011

Mystery Dance by Scott Nicholson

If you've read Crime Beat, The Skull Ring, and Disintegration (and if you haven't, you're running out of excuses), I hope you'll consider writing a review for Mystery Dance. I have a Goodreads ad campaign running on mysterious mechanisms of clicks and my Visa card, meaning I'll probably spend a thousand bucks and sell three books. So a review is most appreciated:

And, yes, a nod to Elvis Costello...

Jim McLeod gives treat as host of Ginger Nuts of Horror

Leisha is gracious enough to feature me as her first-ever interview at A Tale of Many Reviews. Thanks, Leisha!


PV Lundqvist said...

I'd be curious how you do with your GR's ad. For me, I'm getting clicks but not necessarily sales.

I think you have the right idea making your destination page Amazon instead of Goodreads. Getting on my virtual bookshelves isn't the same as sales.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Yes PV, this is a gamble and I chose a higher-priced book. I set my click price at 30 cents, which seems really high for a click ad. But Goodreads has a lot of readers and I am at least getting more friend requests out of it.

I'm still in the experimental stage.


Anonymous said...

I have missed a couple of your books since working on a college degree where all I have done is homework and teach, not much reading time. You are first on my list of books to buy. When May gets here I will be taking a month to read and relax with a stack of books.