Monday, February 28, 2011

New column, new book

My column for talks about the Indie Gig and how publishers trained writers to be successful self-publishers.

Also, if you like movies, and who doesn't, why not give my screenplay for The Gorge a read? It's the adaptation of the 2007 novel They Hunger, only new and improved...leaner, meaner, and jucier. There's also an omnibus edition with three screenplays for $4.99!



Nicholas La Salla said...

I always love screenplays. There's something about the lean, mean style of writing that appeals to me. Sometimes, I've actually enjoyed the screenplay better than the movie, because it's my imagination being used rather than having everything spoon fed to me by the images on the screen.

Congrats, Scott! I shall have to check and see what the other two screenplays are...


- Nick

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks, Nick, this cover is crappy but hopefully I can revise it soon. The other screenplays in the omnibus are The Skull Ring and Creative Spirit (adaptation of THE MANOR).