Thursday, February 10, 2011

My first post in my regular blogging gig at is now live. I will be doing most of my "indie commentary" there, much of it geared toward the opportunities of the new era in connecting readers and writers. The "make fun of New York" phase is pretty much over for everyone, and already things are settling out so that everyone goes on with their lives as best they can. Smart writers will adapt and smart publishers will adapt. Many, if not most, will fail. Every evolutionary phase is met with waves of extinction.

Since wiser bloggers are talking about indie writing and indie publishing, I will not be providing much nuts-and-bolts information or industry analysis. You already know the drill if you're a writer: Be as professional as possible in every single phase of your cottage industry. And if you signed with a publisher, hold it to that standard, or else get your rights back as soon as you can, and then do it right.

I'll also be doing some teasers for my April 1 launch (note: see that subtle teaser alert!) in the weeks ahead, as I frantically race toward deadline. It's going to the wire. Luckily, the book is about fear, so I should well be in the mood.


Nicholas La Salla said...

LOL....mustard and aardvarks, eh? You can't go wrong mixing those two together. ;-)

Great to hear about your regular column, I'll definitely be stopping back by to check it out!

It will be very interesting to see how the e-book publishing wave turns out. Whatever happens, you'll still have your fan base, and if there's one thing that publishers shouldn't complain about, it's $$$.

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks, Nicholas, my readers are very good to me.