Friday, March 4, 2011

Forever Never Ends on sale

If you are quick and clever, you can take a journey to a remote Appalachian mountain where an alien entity is infecting the environment. An unlikely trio-a clairvoyant psychologist, a reclusive multimillionaire, and a drunken dirt farmer--team up to take on the organism before the infection can spread.

Forever Never Ends is on sale at Amazon and for 99 cents in ebook. You can also get the ebook at Haunted Computer and get free bonus books by Vicki Tyley and David Burton. Signed paper copies also available.



Nicholas La Salla said...

Very cool. I'm picking up a copy!

Question for you: do you see a sales spike when you price your books at $0.99? How long do you usually keep your specials on for?



Neal Hock said...

Ooo...another one of my Scotty favorites. I noticed it's the author's "Preferred" edition. How different is it from "The Harvest"?


author Scott Nicholson said...

Nick, cheaper books usually sell better but you have to balance out the lower royalty. It usually evens out.

Neal, I probably trimmed about 15,000 words. Toned down some of the trailer-trash ickiness.