Sunday, March 20, 2011

These Things Happened

Most of what follows is true, even the fiction. It contains cigarette smoking, drinking, and, yes, some sex, because I know you like that sort of thing. This has been a strange life. My life.

Features stories, poems, and essays of relationships, romance, joy, and pain. Some of this will make you laugh, some of it may make you cry. You might hate me later, but that's okay. You won't be the first.

Features "Our Future Together," "City of Dreams," "So You Want to be a Writer?," "Dead Cats and Rain," and more. 

99 cents for a limited time.
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S.G.Royle said...

Are you kidding!!! .99c for the story of Scott Nicholson's life - what's the catch? :)


Neal Hock said...

Bought my copy!


author Scott Nicholson said...

Simon, the catch is you have to SHARE my life--I should be paying YOU!

Thanks Neal, hope you are feeling better.


S.G.Royle said...

Nah, started reading it - there's some brilliant writing in there. I particularly liked the first story, Our Future Together. Sad, poignant, harsh, real, the horror of minutiae lapses and degradation of a relationship.

Amd City of Dreams
"In the avenues of his mind.
manic taxis
make left hand turns" - nice image...

A steal...

Monster A Go-Go said...

"Most of what follows is true, even the fiction. It contains cigarette smoking, drinking, and, yes, some sex"

I'm guessing the "some sex" part is the fictional aspect of the tale? Oh well... You can dream... And I'm sure the bulk of the book is non-stop goat porn, right? Creepy!

Howdy! Sorry I have been out of touch--but you know what's a go-go-ing on with moi. BLAH!! Anyway, I had just emerged from the shower and was heading to bed (still not in my sleeping attire yet---eeek! Close your eyes!!!), but you popped in to my head (it was right after one of those curious twinges in the gut where you ask yourself, "Do I need to go to the batthroom or not?") and I thought I'd jump on quickly and say HELLO! Now that you are an unemployeed, retired, do-as-you-please entrepreneur-cum-author (aka goat pimp), I was wondering how you were making out (and who you were making out with). I hope everything is going groovy for you. Cheers!!!

author Scott Nicholson said...

hi Monster, keep a-going (are you calling me a "cum-author"?)

Simon, thanks, I have a literary streak but there's not much of a market for those kinds of stories. Well, NOW there is!


author Christa Polkinhorn said...

Ahhhh, the hilarious Monster A Go-Go is back! WOOOOONNNNNDEEEERFULLLLL!
Ooops, ahem, I had a hard week.