Sunday, March 27, 2011

Liquid Fear Upload, German Skull Ring, kids books

Been a busy week here at Chateau Nicholson and Haunted Computer Books.

The lovely and talented Christa Polkinhorn has finished a German translation of The Skull Ring, I've uploaded the new thriller Liquid Fear to Amazon,, and Smashwords (should be live by tomorrow), and received the art files for our new children's book Too Many Witches from Lee Davis. My children's books are some of my bestsellers at (I suspect the color Nook makes a big difference) and I believe translations will flourish as ebooks expand.

The ebook world is agush with the news of Amanda Hocking signing for $2 million after awesome indie success. Congrats to Amanda for following the dream, even back when it looked dim. The flip side is Barry Eisler's recent move to reject a half-million-dollar advance in order to self-publish, so clearly the indie train is moving in two directions. Compare with what's happening with the Dorchester/Leisure boycott, with a "legitimate publisher" in a real mess and allegedly not paying writers. Look for my post at JA Konrath's blog this week.

Also could use a few advance reviews for Liquid Fear so if anyone wants a copy, email me (hauntedcombputerbooks AT yahoo) or buzz me below.

Also don't forget the April Fool's Gold Rush on April 1--11 bloggers giving away $10 gift certificates, and if Liquid Fear breaks the Top 100, I will give away another $100 gift certificate. Crazy, I know. But why change now?



Susan said...

Liquid Fear ... the terrifying thing about this book is that the premise is highly plausible - chillingly so.
It's a horror story of downright greed and hunger for power.
I was on tenterhooks right through to the bitter end.
Heck of a read!

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks Susan, I hope you drop reviews at Amazon and I really enjoyed the journey but was also glad to type "The End"!

Monster A Go-Go said...

"The lovely and talented Christa Polkinhorn has finished a German translation of The Skull Ring"

Oh, I see... Poor Christa. Her recent "trip to Switzerland" was all a lie. You had her chained in your basement translating for you. SHOCKING! Have you no shame?

Yikes! I've gotta shower and get to work. (Some of us still have to do that, you know).