Monday, January 16, 2012

So, 360,000 ebooks downloaded in three days?

The Epic Kindle Giveaway really blistered the Internet wires as you and my other friends heated it up last week! We could not believe our eyes when the smoke cleared and we counted up our free downloads around the world in three days--360,000 free ebooks!

We don't have exact figures yet because we were so busy we didn't all keep a minute-by-minute tally, but we estimated based on average sales before the event and then rounded down a little just so it didn't seem like were bragging. We actually think it is a bit higher than this, maybe even 10,000 more, but we won't know for a couple of months. We are not saying all this to brag. We are as staggered by it as anyone, and it proves the power of people and what we can do when we are set free to create, dream, and have fun together.

Thanks for your support in this wild, crazy time! You are welcome to grab this T-shirt, share it on your wall, Facebook page, Facebook group, blog, Website, or other virtual real estate, and then email epickindlegiveaway at with the link.

Winner will be selected during the Kindle Fire drawings by the Watauga County (NC) Public Library staff on Tuesday, Jan. 13, and announced on the event blog and Facebook page after it is verified. Thank you. Thank you.


Simon Royle said...

That is a staggering amount. Truly incredible.

We live in amazing times.

Epic Kindle Giveaway said...

Yes, we actually think it is more than 380,000! And it didn't even BEGIN to scratch this market...

A new era has arrived and few realize it yet.