Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Kindle Books, Big Kindle Boogie, Chinese edition, and your 1 percent

Sorry for the woeful neglect here at the blog. I have been thinking about "the 1 percent." Not just the Rich 1 Percent that almost everyone hates. Why does everyone hate them? Because they waste their 1 percent on themselves and spend their 1 percent ensuring they remain the 1 percent and nobody else moves into the neighborhood.

But I'll bet you are in the 1 percent of something. It may be a specific field, hobby, community, or even your family. How do you handle your 1 percent? How much do you share? How much of your 1 percent is given even at the risk that you drop to the 2 percent, or the 10 percent, or all the way down to zero?

Before I protest or judge a different 1 percent, I am going to look at the areas where I am in the 1 percent. Or anything above 50 percent. It does not "knock me down" to help others up. I don't mind joining the 1 percent of those who are helpful, useful, grateful, and dead broke. I want value in my life, value spread out to others, and seeds for all our gardens. I believe we grow together. Maybe we can all be 1 percent together.

Current free Kindle books:

(Jan. 28-30)
Odd Stacks: Story Collection Box Set

These Things Happened: Stories and Essays

Too Many Witches (children’s picture book)

And look for the Big Kindle Boogie on Blogspot and Facebook if you like more free Kindle stuff! 

And my first Chinese edition out if you read Simplified Chinese!

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