Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Scott Nicholson Kindle books for two days!

My latest round of free Kindle books rolls out today and Saturday (Jan. 20-12)

For writers, philosophers, and lunatics, treat yourself to the strange bit of non-advice known as The Indie Journey: Secrets to Writing Success!

American Horror, a multi-author extravanganza of vampires, monsters, and zombies, oh my!

Creative Spirit: A Supernatural Screenplay is my adaptation of my paperback The Manor! Spielberg, I'm here when you want me...

The Vampire Shortstop is a standalone short story that won the international Writers of the Future contest in 1999. Now I am just a Geezer of the Future, but hey, it's free!

I hope you enjoy the books, and thanks for telling your friends!


Valenchia said...

Thank you so much, Scott! I'm really getting addicted to your books. My husband thanks you, too. LOL

Epic Kindle Giveaway said...

Hi Valenchia, I am glad! Just don't go through withdrawals! There are plenty! And hook up a one wants to jones alone...