Wednesday, January 11, 2012

13 free Kindle books today! Oh, and free Kindle Fires!

Okay, I have cracked like Jerry Lewis during a telethon over this Epic Kindle Giveaway and added even more of my books for free. Just click my Amazon Author Central link in the US or in the UK to get them all. Just make sure they say "Kindle price $0.00."

I would also appreciate it if you go click "like" and "share" on my free books today so more people can grab them, and if you have time to share a few words of review on a few of them, that will help next week and beyond when I have to go back to the boring hard work of actually selling books!

Free books vary by day so be sure to grab them while they are hot! And why not join Epic Kindle Giveaway on Facebook to learn about more ways to win a Kindle Fire, or enter today from the EKG blog and visit our bookblogger friends for more ways to win a kindle? Thanks so much for your support and good luck!


Braine @ Talk Supe said...

HA! Got some of your books, tweeted about it and this giveaway too! Goodluck sir!

Hunter Shea said...

Hey Scott, you have truly become the Santa Claus of the ebook world! Hope you have a slew of elves helping you write more books!