Sunday, January 15, 2012

Epic Kindle Giveaway rocked my world!

I didn't have much of a chance to tie my personal blog into the mad machine that became the Epic Kindle Giveaway last week, but thanks to all of you who joined in and made it really cool! It was good to see some of my personal principles (friendship, fun, community-building, and people energy) put into action to make something bigger than the pieces of its parts.

You're also invited to join the Facebook page for the event because, who knows, something crazy may happen there again someday! People asked me how my numbers were and I never even looked at the download numbers--I glanced at the Top 100 freebie charts once just to make sure all four of us were on it somewhere and moving up, just to validate evidence of the power of people behind you and what they can do with their awesomeness. I will probably go back and try to figure out what happened, but mostly I am stunned by all the warmth and getting to meet the weird, cool people who actually aren't freaked out by the things I put in books. So I appreciate every one of you and made some great new friends while we did something that had never been done before!
This event also inspired me to look at more ways to connect big ideas in different places. Those who follow me know I don't believe this e-book thing is going to last in its current state. It has already gone through tremendous revolutions in just two years, and I believe ebooks are going to become more interactive and places where ideas are shared in an organic way.

Sure, we will always want stories (I will break your fingers if you try to steal my ratty paperback of Huckleberry Finn) but I think we want experience even more than we crave stories.

Maybe we will meet together in a story somewhere soon!

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